Adare Biome, world-class expertise in Postbiotics

Adare Biome: microbiome and postbiotics expertise

Adare Biome is a specialty division of Adare Pharma Solutions dedicated to harnessing the power of the microbiome. Adare Biome is located in Houdan, near Paris France, and for many decades has used its proprietary fermentation processes and expertise in the development of microbiome therapeutics.

Adare Pharma Solutions is a global, technology – driven contract development and manufacturing organisation providing turnkey product development through commercial manufacturing expertise focused on oral dosage forms for the pharmaceutical and over – the – counter markets.

Adare Biome uses the proprietary Lactobacillus LB strain and the ECHO™ process to enrich, concentrate and
heat – treat micro - organisms in order to provide proven solutions in human digestive health. Lactéol®, our postbiotic, supported by over a 100 years by scientific research and present in 38 countries around the world is indicated as an adjunct to rehydration for the treatment of diarrhea in newborns, children and adults.

Adare Biome is a world – leader in heat – treated micro – organisms that have proven benefits on human health.

The ECHO™ proprietary fermentation process

The ECHO™ fermentation process was developed to create stabilised beneficial bacterial compositions that maintain their efficacy.

The ECHO™ process involves a propriety fermentation and drying process that creates a stabilised combination of concentrated bacterial cells, nutrients and metabolites. The propriety process (outlined below) delivers a consistent, stable and efficacious product.

This specific process delivers several advantages on the product in terms of safety, efficacy and convenience.

Culture medium

Lactéol® is made from proprietary Lactobacillus LB strains of human origin. These strains are grown in an optimised fermentation process under controlled conditions.


The Lactobacillus LB culture reaches a high density with a consistent concentration of metabolites in the culture medium.

Heat - treatment

The Lactobacillus LB cells are inactivated by heat - treatment.

Freeze drying (lyophilisation)

All liquid is removed by freeze drying the product, leaving the cellular fragments, inactivated cells and metabolites in the form of a fine powder.

The microbiota our friend for life

The microbiota is the ecosystem of microscopic micro - organisms that live in the gut. It is essential for good health and staying healthy.

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